Increasing the Authorised Share Capital

Whenever the business of the company expands, then the company require fund for its expansion, and one of the way which available to company is to issue shares but in case the company is intending to issue share beyond increase its authorised share capital then it requires increasing the authorised share capital of the company.

Benefits of Increasing the Authorised Share Capital

Share Capital Increases
A Company can raise funds beyond the prescribed limit in MOA only after increasing the Authorised Share Capital of the Company.

Avoid Penalties Later on
A heavy fine is imposed if the company issues shares without increasing the authorised share capital, therefore it safe guards the company from any penalties levied at later date.

Increasing the Borrowing Capacity
Arrangement of funds internally leads to increase in Net Worth thereby increasing the borrowing capacity

Exemptions and Important Features of OPC

  • Call Board Meeting : Notice for convening Board Meeting to be held along with agenda for the Following :
    • Obtain Board Approval for increasing Authorised Share Capital.
    • To fox Date, time and place for holding EGM.
    • To provide Authority to issue EGM.
  • Holding EGM : The company will hold EGM and pass ordinary resolution as per the requirement of Companies Act, 2013 for increasing Authorised share capital and alteration of Capital Clause of MOA.
  • Respective Forms Filing : Within 30 days of filing EGM form SH-7 is to be filed with the Registrar for increasing the Authorised Share Capital.

Documents Required

Digital Signatures of the Director

Copy of Latest AOA and MOA of the Company

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

PAN Card of the Company



Starting at Rs. 6,999 /- Onwards
  • Increase in authorized capital of private limited company excluding ROC and Stamp duty charges.


Starting at Rs. 12,499 /- Onwards
  • Increase in authorized capital of limited company excluding ROC and Stamp duty charges.


Starting at Rs. 14,499 /- Onwards
  • Increase in authorized capital of private limited or limited company including filing of form for increase in paid up share capital excluding ROC and Stamp duty charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to provide the necessary Data?

The necessary data shall be provided either through E-Mail or Whatsapp.

How much time will it take for Filings to be completed?

Depending upon the details provided by the client and the amount of work involve the estimated time will be intimated in advance before commencement of the Filings.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No Hidden charges. Every detail regarding charges is transparent as you will see in your mailbox.

Will I get any Proof of Filings Done?

Yes, Proper documents prepared and attached with Form along with Forms filed with ROC will be shared through E-Mail or Whatsapp whatever may be convenient to client.

Will I need to be physically present at your office at the time of Filing these Forms?

No such physical presence is required. Not even office visit is required. Filings will be done through data exchanged through E-Mail.