Benefits of ESI


Unemployment Cash Benefits.


Maternity Leave for Women Employees


Sickness benefits for certain cases


Enhanced Sickness


Medical treatment for Employees and their Dependent Family Members


Rehabilitation Allowance

Due Date of ESI Payment and Return


  • ESI is required to pay on a monthly basis.
  • ESI contribution required to pay 15th of the next month.


  • ESI Return is required to file on a half-yearly basis.
  • ESI return is required to file on or before 11th Nov and 11th May.


  • Any violation will leads to imprisonment upto 2 years and fine upto Rs. 5,000/-.
  • Continuous violation will lead to imprisonment upto 5 years and fine upto Rs. 25,000/-.

Documents Required for ESI Returns

Documents to be maintained regularly for filing ESI Returns

Attendance Register

Register for Form 6

Register of Wages

Register of any accidents on the premises

Inspection Book

Monthly Challans and returns submitted for ESI


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESI Scheme?

ESI is a comprehensive Social Security Scheme designed to provide social protection to the employees against sickness, disablement and death due to employment injury and other events. The fund is self financing where employer and employee contribute on monthly basis and the amount can be utilized towards reimbursing expenses incurred on health of employee and his family members.

Do I need to be physically present in the Process?

No, You don't need to be physically present for the process, Filingwale is an online platform all you need is an internet connection in your phone/computer and the required documents with you and we can get the job done no matters even if you are present at the remotest location of India.

What are the compliance requirements?

Every employer covered under this act has to comply with various compliances such as deposit of monthly contribution, in order to file half yearly return and report to ESIC authorities if there is any change in business activity, address, ownership and the management, maintenance of registers and records etc.

What is ESI Code Number?

It is a 17-digit unique identification number allotted to every registered establishment. This number is generated through the ESIC portal on submission of the required information by the employer or generated on receipt of a survey report from the Social Security Officer.

What are the records to be maintained for the purpose of the ESI Scheme?

In addition to the Muster roll, wage record and books of Account maintained under other laws, the employer is required to maintain the following records for ESI:-

  • Accident Register in Form-11
  • An inspection book.
  • The immediate employer is also required to maintain the Employee’s Register for the employees deployed to the principal employer.