Income Tax Notices

When we receive Income Tax notices, we often get scared but all these notices have a reason of issuance. Some income tax notices just give us information like intimation under section 143(1),some warrant information for inquiry under 142(1) and some communicate that an audit is required to be done etc.

Type of Income Tax notices

Notice u/s 143(1)-Intimation
Intimation under section 143(1) is intimation for ITR processed by the income tax department to the taxpayer. It communicates arithmetical mistakes or changes to be done.

Notice u/s 139(9)- Defective Income Tax Return
Defective Return is the type of return for which a person receives a notice u/s 139(9) If the IT Department has found any discrepancies or mistakes or any missing information in ITR. Once you file your income tax return, the detail provided by you in the ITR are cross-verified and processed. The department compares the detail provided by you with the information that is available to them.

An assessee is expected to correct the defect within 15 days and if it to correct the defect, would be treated as an invalid return.

Notice u/s 142(1)- Compliance Notice
Section 142(1) tax notice is the notice that is usually served, in a case where the return has been filed, to call for further details and documents from the assessee and to take a particular case under assessment. This notice can also be sent to require him to file his return where he has not furnished it.

This notice is generally issued when information is missing from the taxpayer’s end and an inquiry is sought to be made. The taxpayer is given a reasonable opportunity of being heard for any material that may have been gathered on the basis of such inquiry.

Notice u/s 143(2)- Scrutiny Assessment Notice
This notice is served by the Assessing Officer in order to ensure that the assessee has not understand the income, computed excessive loss or underpaid the tax. It may require him to;

1. Be in physical attendance or represent before the Assessing Officer (AO) to clarify facts; or
2. Make written submissions for providing detail; or
3. Produce evidence to substantiate the income/profits/gains/losses.

This notice is issued within a period of 6 months from the end of financial year in which the return is filed.

Notice u/s 245
If the AO has reason to believe that tax has not been paid for the previous years and he wants to set off the current year refund against that demand, a notice under Section 245 can be issued.

However, the adjustment of demand and refund could be done only if you have been provided a proper notice and an opportunity to be heard.

The timeline to respond to the notice is 30 days from the day of receipt of the notice.

If not responded within the aforesaid timeline, the assessing officer can consider this as a consent and proceed with the assessment. Therefore, it is advisable to respond to the notice at the earliest.

Notice Under Section 142(1)
A notice under section 142(1) can be issued under two circumstances:

If you have filed your return, but the assessing officer requires additional information and documents; or
If you have not filed your return, but the assessing officer wants you to file it.

The information is called for, to enable the officer to make a fair assessment. Being non-responsive to this notice has consequences,
A penalty of Rs 10,000 can be levied for each such failure
Prosecution which may extend up to 1 year
Both of the above

Information Required

  • Income Tax Notice Received
  • Income Tax Login Id and Password for further understanding the matter.



Starting at Rs. 4,999 /- Onwards
  • Filing of reply to notice or Intimation other than proceedings
  • Compiling documents/information by client.


Starting at Rs. 12,499 /- Onwards
  • Filing of reply to notices in case of e-proceedings including department representation.
  • Compiling extensive documents/information by client, out of pocket expenses extra.


Starting at Rs. 29,999 /- Onwards
  • Filing of Appeal with CIT(A).
  • Preparation of reply and submission including representation.
  • Compiling extensive documents/information by client, out of pocket expenses extra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to provide the necessary Data?

The necessary data shall be provided either through E-Mail or Whatsapp.

How much time will it take for case to be completed?

Depending upon the case involved and details provided by the client and the amount of work involve the estimated time cannot be known in advance. It will take as much time as depending upon Government Procedures.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No Hidden charges. Every detail regarding charges is transparent as you will see in your mailbox. Remaining Department Liasoning charges will be intimated gradually as the case progresses.

Will I get any Proof of Filings Done?

Yes, Proper documents prepared and submitted with the department will be shared through E-Mail or Whatsapp whatever may be convenient to client.

Will I need to be physically present at your office to discuss the case?

Depending from case to case. In case the physical presence is required then it will be informed as the case proceeds.