TAX Planning Objectives

  • Avail all concessions and relief s and rebates permissible under the Act.
  • Arrange the affairs in a commercial way to minimize the incidence of tax.
  • Claim maximum relief where taxes are paid in more than one country.
  • Become tax compliant and avoid penalties, prosecutions and interest payments.
  • Fruitful investment of savings.
  • Timely compliance of procedural requirements like tax audit, TDS, TCS, etc.
  • Appropriate record keeping
  • Avoidance of litigation.
  • Growth of economy and its stability.
  • Pay taxes – not a penny more, not a penny less.

Tax Design and Management Objectives

  • Compiling and preserving data and supporting documents evidencing transactions, claims, etc.
  • Making timely payment of taxes e.g. advance tax, self assessment tax, etc.
  • TDS and TCS compliance
  • Following procedural requirements.
  • Compliance with the prescribed requirements like tax audit, certification of international transactions, etc.
  • Timely filing of returns, statements, etc.
  • Responding to notices received from the authorities.
  • Preserving record for the prescribed number of years.
  • Mentioning PAN, TAN, etc. at appropriate places.
  • Responding to requests for balance confirmation from the other assessees

As a team of Consultants we provide services related to both Tax Planning and Design.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to provide the necessary Data?

The necessary data shall be provided either through E-Mail or Whatsapp.

How much time will it take for preparation of suitable design?

Depending upon the case involved and details provided by the client and the amount of work involve the estimated time cannot be known in advance. However, it will be intimated after all details are being provided by the client and before commencement of work.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No Hidden charges. Every detail regarding charges is transparent as you will see in your mailbox.

Will I get any Tax Planning Sheet?

Yes, Proper documents prepared will be shared through E-Mail or Whatsapp whatever may be convenient to client.

Will I need to be physically present at your office to discuss the case?

Depending from case to case. In case the physical presence is required then it will be informed earlier.