TDS Matters Consultancy

While making payment to parties the deductor is required to deduct tax at source, pay the collected tax to the credit of government, file quarterly TDS Return and issue a statement of TDS deducted and deposited in form no 16 or 16 A as the case may be. The provisions of TDS are very stringent and any non compliance have serious consequences. It is always good to comply law as the cost of compliance is always low in comparison to penalty which a defaulter is required to pay.

TDS Key Points

  • Registration under GST
  • GST implementation and Transition
  • Training about GST
  • Guidance on composition scheme
  • Filing of timely and annual returns

We as TDS Consultants provide consultancy with regard to the Following

Consultancy on TDS matters,

Consultancy on TCS matters,

Representation / Appearance in Survey / Search cases of TDS / TCS,

Representation / Appearance in Appeal against Demand Notice,

Preparation & filling of online TDS / TCS Return Statements,

Preparation & filling of online TDS / TCS Correction Return Statements,

Facilitation in downloading of TDS / TCS Certificates,

Facilitation in downloading of TDS / TCS Default File / Consolidated File, etc

Computation of TDS / TCS Payable

Apply for New / Correction / Modification in TAN


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to provide the necessary Data?

The necessary data shall be provided either through E-Mail or Whatsapp.

How much time will it take to provide necessary consultancy?

Depending upon the case involved and details provided by the client and the amount of work involve the estimated time cannot be known in advance. However, it will be intimated after all details are being provided by the client and before commencement of work.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No Hidden charges. Every detail regarding charges is transparent as you will see in your mailbox.

Will support for TDS other matters Eg TDS Refund will be provided?

Yes, all the necessary support will be provided by our dedicated team.

Will I need to be physically present at your office to discuss the case?

Depending from case to case. In case the physical presence is required then it will be informed earlier.